House Financing Options in Philippines

Having your own property is great – it’s a guaranteed growing investment and a symbol for security. But the truth is, most Filipinos really can’t afford to pay for it on the spot with cold cash. Because of this, real estate developers welcomed the idea of accepting installment payments. In […Read More]

Finding Your Perfect Home in Davao City

If you decided to make Davao City as the place to settle in, you’ve made the right choice. Davao City offers a wide range of properties for sale – from low-cost housing to high end subdivisions. While there are lots of houses for sale in Davao City, you should always […Read More]

Why Is It Best to Live in Davao

When looking for a best location to settle in, Davao City is the right place for you! Located on the south of the Philippines, Davao City is dubbed as the Crown Jewel of Mindanao, serving as the main hub for trade, commerce and industry of the island. It is also […Read More]