Finding Your Perfect Home in Davao City

Finding Your Perfect Home in Davao City

If you decided to make Davao City as the place to settle in, you’ve made the right choice.

Davao City offers a wide range of properties for sale – from low-cost housing to high end subdivisions. While there are lots of houses for sale in Davao City, you should always consider some of these things before buying your perfect home:


When buying a house for sale in Davao City, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the location. Once you bought the house, you can change anything in it except for its location. There are lots of factors when considering the location of your home. Is it accessible 24/7? Is it near you place of work, school or marketplace? Is your neighborhood safe and conducive for raising your family? Try to think of these and other things when picking the location of your future home.

Good Foundation Matters

If you are keen on buying a lot with a ready-made house, be sure to check the materials used or the reputation of its builders. Don’t hesitate to ask the seller or better yet, do your research first before meeting the Realtor. You also need to learn how to look past the furniture, wall colors, window treatments, and other decorating, and just look at the home layout and flow.

Size and Floor Plan

Size matters. It always does. It also applies when buying a house. Example, if you are a growing family, will a 2-bedroom house enough? Fast forward your thinking to 10-20 years. You might not consider adding more room today, but what about tomorrow? Would it still be enough?


The first thing you need to ask to yourself when buying a house for sale in Davao City: “Can you afford it?

For most buyers, it all boils down to the final price. Aside from the cost of buying the lot and building the house, you also need to add up the likely cost of financing, insurance and taxes.

Just keep all these things in mind and picking your future home here in Davao City would be easier. Good luck and happy house hunting!