Why Is It Best to Live in Davao

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When looking for a best location to settle in, Davao City is the right place for you!

Located on the south of the Philippines, Davao City is dubbed as the Crown Jewel of Mindanao, serving as the main hub for trade, commerce and industry of the island. It is also one of the main metros of the country, along with Manila and Cebu.

With a total land area of 2,444 square kilometers, Davao City is a sprawling urban landscape. With its thriving economy and population growth, Davao City’s real estate is widely increasing with many properties for sale, both in commercial and residential areas. So whether you’re opting for a business in the city or just looking for a sweet spot to build your home sweet home, Davao City is the right place for you.

So Why Should You Live in Davao?

1. Security and Safety

Do you know that Davao City is the safest city in the Philippines and the fourth in the world? The city has a Public Safety and Security Command Center, the first in the Philippines, which monitors the 170 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed in different strategic areas as of today covering access roads and populated downtown areas.

2. Abundance of Food Supply

Davao City wasn’t called the Fruit Basket of the Philippines for nothing. Forty-three percent (43%) of the total land area is used for agriculture, making it the largest economic sector of the region. Fruits such as mangosteen and durian, known as the “king of fruits”, grow abundantly on the lands of Davao. Also, Davao is a leading producer of mangoes, pomelos, bananas, coconut products, and papayas.

3. Economy

Considered the financial hub of Mindanao, Davao City ranked 87th among the world’s fastest-growing cities by the City Mayors Foundation in 2011, with a projected average annual growth of 2.53 percent over a 15-year period. Davao City’s growing economy can also be attributed to its stable power grid with fewer power interruptions compared to other parts of Mindanao.

4. Tourism

Teeming with wonderful tourist destinations, you will never have a dull moment when you are in Davao City. For those who are fond of doing outdoor activities, Davao City is the home of the highest mountain in the country, Mt. Apo, where you can trek, hike and conquer the peak. You can also visit the white sandy beaches in Samal Island – a ten-minute ferry ride from the metro – and frolic on the clear blue waters. Samal Island resorts like Pearl Farm Davao and Paradise Island Resort offer various water sports and activities. Another tourist destination that you must visit in Davao is the Philippine Eagle Foundation and Nature Center where the country’s national bird and considered the largest eagle in the world can be found.

5. Lifestyle

Compared to other major cities of the countries, Davao City has a more laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. Since 2002, Davao City government has issued a strict smoke-free policy, making it the first in the Philippines. Curfew is enforced on minors and all businesses are mandated by a city ordinance to stop selling alcoholic drinks at 1:00 am. Just like any main metros in the Philippines, Davao City has amenities like malls and bars that cater the locals and tourists, with prices much lower compared to Cebu or Manila. Though most of people in Davao live within the city proper, residential areas are starting to sprout with properties for sale on the outskirt of the city.

6. Landscape and Climate

Despite Davao City’s location in the Asian portion of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the city has suffered few earthquakes and most have been minor. Average monthly temperatures are always above 26 °C and outside the typhoon belt.